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Data were adjusted for baseline event rate and pooled using a random-effects model.

Bayesian predictive effects and intervals were calculated to indicate the variance in outcomes that would be expected if new studies were conducted in the future.

Eighteen studies (16 prospective, two cross-sectional) were included, with 794,577 participants.

Fifteen of these studies were moderate to high quality.

Diabetes is a condition caused by lack of a chemical in the body (a hormone) called insulin. In type 1 diabetes eventually no insulin is produced and individuals require insulin injections for survival.Sedentary (sitting) behaviours are ubiquitous in modern society.We conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis to examine the association of sedentary time with diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular and all-cause mortality.It used to be thought this only presented in children, but it is now clear this can occur at any age.The other more common form of diabetes called type 2 diabetes occurs due to the body's resistance to the effects of insulin in addition to an insufficient quantity of insulin.

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