Christian dating shining single star

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Christian dating shining single star

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Sigsgaard now is a Texas freshman, and he’ll be on the court as the 10th-ranked Longhorns play Presbyterian in the first round of the NCAA tournament at the Caswell Tennis Center. “I really wasn’t quite sure what to expect from him,” Texas coach Michael Center said.SYNOPSIS Matthew, in his gospel account of the life of Christ, recorded the appearance of a star that guided magi to Bethlehem so that they might pay tribute to the newborn King of the Jews.Through the years there have been many hypothetical explanations, whether natural, astronomical, or astrological, of the nature and behavior of this so-called star of Bethlehem.The appearance could have been a new bright star or comet or the movements of the planets relative to each other, the sun, and the moon.Perhaps what the magi saw was a nova or supernova bright enough to qualify as a real star (as we know them today) with astronomical and historical significance.

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