Dating mormon standard

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Dating mormon standard

LDS Church doctrine bars sexual behavior outside of heterosexual marriage, and sexual transgressions are considered second only to murder in seriousness.

In contrast with some orthodox Christian movements, sexuality in Mormon theology is neither a product of original sin nor a "necessary evil".The church is sensitive about its historical relationship with polygamy, and entry into a polygamous marriage, even where legal, will result in mandatory consideration of church discipline and possible excommunication.Since 1985 the church has provided a manual for parents to use in discussing sexuality with their children.I believe this is the attitude President Kimball meant to discourage us from applying to kissing.How is one to avoid prostituting kisses or using them to express lust rather than affection?

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Kimball said: “Kissing has been prostituted and has degenerated to develop and express lust instead of affection, honor and admiration. What do kisses mean when handed out like pretzels and robbed of sacredness?

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