How to prevent flash from updating

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How to prevent flash from updating

If this value is set to 1, Flash Player disables auto-upate, which prevents Flash Player from automatically checking for and installing updated versions. User Specific Settings : When you created with disabled update, flash settings still show you that Auto-Update is turned when browsed here :( ) Following details steps describe the process to identify and disable the Auto-Update visible on above web link: 1. Right Click on flash content and select “Global Settings” as seen in the below image. You will be directed to following web page: shown below: 3. " And following “Global Notification Settings” option will be available : 4.On launching “Global Notification Settings panel”, following web page is opened: 5. Since the location of the file is per user specific, Active Setup has to be used(If the MSI is not advertised).

It could be just basic things like a web browser, Flash player, PDF reader and a few others, but it’s all software that gets updated at regular intervals.

Can't i just run it with something like the following command "msiexec /i "Adobe_Flash_Player_v11.msi" /qn Auto Update Disable=1"? Reasons: 1) is the file which needs to be created and Flash reads from there if it has to autoupdate or not.

2) Moreover, you can only pass Public Properties as an arguement to MSI.

I read up on the MSI commands for Flash at but the process is convoluted and I an wanting to know why more then how at this point.

It appears that in order to get the Auto update disabled you have to "Create no update file - Create the following file - C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\mms.cfg" then add the following line - Auto Update Disable=1" etc etc etc....

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