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Justification for consolidating similar systems

The Central Government has still not notified the NCLT and many provisions relating thereto are not currently notified.Under section 434 of the 2013 Act, certain matters pending with the High Court, District Courts or the CLB, as the case may be, which will be within the jurisdiction of the NCLT, would be transferred to the NCLT from a notified date.Hence, it should normally be able to obtain their financial statements for the same reporting date as the parent and use them in the preparation of CFS.However, this may not be practical for all the associates/joint ventures.In accordance with AS 21, AS 23 and AS 27, a parent company can use financial statements of subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures drawn up to a different reporting date to prepare CFS if it is impractical to have their financial statements prepared up to the same reporting date as the parent.How is the impracticality provision of AS 21, AS 23 and AS 27 impacted by the requirement to have a uniform financial year?

The survival kit for primary cooperatives: Participation plus mergers 2.4.1. Cooperatives and civil society in industrialized countries 2.4.3. While cooperatives have a new role to play both in industrialized countries and in the former communist countries, the focus of Recommendation No. The Governing Body felt that new universal standards in this area could help enable cooperatives to develop more fully their self-help potential, placing them in a better position to meet a number of current socio-economic problems, such as unemployment and social exclusion.But other efforts would change the way EPA approaches acquisition, cybersecurity and IT modernization and its real property footprint — and may indicate what’s in store for other agencies as they prepare for a reorganize, reshape their workforce and focus in on evidence-based priorities.“The resource levels require us to think about the work we do and how we do it, the way we are organized and the geographic location and spaces we occupy,” David Bloom, EPA’s acting chief financial officer said in a March 21 message to agency officials on the proposed budget.“The agency will continue to seek opportunities to reduce further our facility footprint and/or implement planned and pending moves in an expedited and cost effective manner.” According to the President’s 2018 request, spending levels will force the agency to assume a full-time equivalent (FTE) ceiling of about 11,547, the budget document said.EPA had about 15,375 FTEs in fiscal 2016, according to the agency’s 2017 budget review.

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