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When she logged into her Facebook account after work the next day, there was a message from someone she didn’t know, which made her immediately uncomfortable, since her settings only allowed friends to message her.The person contacting her was named Mahmoud Abdo and his message read: “Realy,cute couple [sic]” along with snapshot of Clark and her boyfriend in bed.Maggie’s also offers a safe place for sex workers to discuss their clients; their concerns; safety tips; updates on bad dates (the “No List,” which is accessible by sex workers only, allows workers to share information and research clients prior to taking a booking); police sweeps, and harmful substances/tainted drugs.Other services include informal counselling and referrals to structured and appropriate long term counseling; a resource and research centre; distribution of safer sex materials and safer drug using materials and education; legal and health information with referrals to other helpful resources, and a centre for sex worker organising.

That is why Maggie’s exists first and foremost as an organization for sex workers, that is controlled by sex workers.” Although primarily focused on providing services and support to sex workers in the Toronto area, Maggie’s also advocate provincially, nationally and globally to support sex workers’ rights and the decriminalisation of sex work.

Maggie’s welcomes workers of all genders from all areas of the sex trade -- street-based sex workers, exotic dancers, escorts, pornography actors, phone sex operators, professional dominants and submissives, erotic massage workers, web cam workers, and others -- and offers a wide variety of sex-worker led programmes.

Those programmes include a weeklydrop-in loungefor former and current sex workers; a monthly group for current and former sex workers; assistance and advocacy to sex workers who have experienced legal, physical, or social harassment or discrimination as a result of their sex work; court and social service accompaniment and legal support (where possible), and community service hours (Maggie's is a registered charity which means that individuals going through the criminal justice system can do community service there).

Remote access, he explains, requires some form of user involvement.

Global News that this unsettling incident concerns more than just privacy issues." data-reactid="29"Ann Cavoukian, the executive director of the Privacy and Big Data Institute at Ryerson University, told Global News that this unsettling incident concerns more than just privacy issues.“It’s also a very significant violation of property rights,” she said.

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