Validating identity on wireless connection

Posted by / 04-Sep-2016 17:50

Validating identity on wireless connection

The speed is very fast and so far no issues for me.

I would say you should try out tikona broadband services once.

Each computer you want part of a wireless network will need a wireless network card installed.

Some computer and hardware manufactures come with their own utility to configure the wireless network that replaces the Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service.

Windows XP automatically scans for available wireless networks.

Sometimes you cannot use the Windows functionality.

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Good afternoon, we are currently evaluating Windows 10 and are running into an issue when we try to connect to our corporate wireless network.

I'd start by reviewing the event logs on your IAS server for reasoning as to why it's not authenticating your client.

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Sometimes your computer may not recognize the connection.

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